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A low, plain base course for a pedestal, column, or wall; a plain plinth.
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Good nose, and good flavor," said Paul Zocco of Zok's Homebrewing.
Very clean, nicely made and perfectly drinkable," said Paul Zocco.
The last new member to the Milestone Systems Board of Directors occurred in July 2008 with the involvement of Index Ventures partner Guiseppe Zocco when his company invested USD 27 million in growth stage funding.
SpinX Technologies boasts a Board of Directors composed of leading businessmen, venture capital experts and researchers Sam Eletr (CEO, Population Genetics), Donald Fitzmaurice (Director, DFJ ePlanet Ventures), Mir Imran (Venture Partner and Senior Advisor, DFJ ePlanet), Thierry Jean (Chairman and CEO, Cerep), Seppo Makinen (Senior Partner, BioFund Management Oy Ltd), Philippe Peltier (Partner, Auriga Partners), Thomas Willis (VP for DNA Marketing, Affymetrix), Giuseppe Zocco (General Partner, Index Ventures), and Piero Zucchelli (Founder and CSO of SpinX Technologies).
All fruit, so wonderful," said guest taster and homebrewer Paul Zocco.
He has worked closely with several of our portfolio companies such as Skype, TrialPay, Joost, FON and Telegent, even serving on some of their boards, so it's a natural progression to have him officially join our team," said Giuseppe Zocco, partner and co-founder, Index Ventures.
Shrewsbury: Michael Burke, Andrew Dugan, Sung Whan Jeon, John Karwaski, Garrett Long, Marc Marin, Shamus Noonan, Timothy Seed, Apoorva Trivedi, Thomas Zocco, Andrew Cafarella, Pureum Choe, Charles Long, Ryan Perkins, George Buckham, Stephen Caputo, Matthew Harrington, Daniel Hetzler, Ryan Kelley, Nathan Kimmitt, John Millar, Ethan O'Connell, Patrick Seed, Matthew Cafarella, Derek Donato, Conor Foley, Warren Hayden, Rohan Kapoor, Christopher Karwaski, Mark Lewandowski, Griffin Monahan, Pedro Mora, Benjamin Nason, Alex Stolicny, Suraj Subramanian and David Wassef.
Board member Giuseppe Zocco founded Index Ventures in 1996 and is a general partner.
Smells a little German, and tastes Australian," said homebrew shop owner Paul Zocco, "Light bodied, a bit sweet, finishes dry.
Index Ventures partner Giuseppe Zocco said, "For growth stage investments, we look for companies that have demonstrated leadership within an exciting and growing market.
Erun Fernando, Colin Fischer, Peter Frongillo, David Gore, Matthew Harrington, Sahil Jain, Sung Jeon, John Karwaski, Ryan Kelley, Keith Kelly, You Kim, Matthew LaBove, Hyuk-gi Lee, Garrett Long, Nicholas McCarthy, Ryan McGinnis, Jeffrey Millar, John Millar, Albert Mitchell, Joshua Nason, Ryan Perkins, Curtiss Pomeroy, Patrick Quinlivan, Ashwin Rao, Patrick Seed, Timothy Seed, Daniel Snook, Jason Stolicny, Michael Surette, Apoorva Trivedi, Derek Wilczynski and Thomas Zocco.
Richard Rimer, Partner of Index Ventures, and Giuseppe Zocco, General Partner of Index Ventures, will continue to serve on the SpinX Board of Directors.