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These doors] mean you can control who comes in and out," Zod explained.
Baluma said the shock and eww technique in advocating ZOD had been effective in winning even the indigenous communities in Malungon, Sarangani province.
In this dream Zod explains that "a foundation [for a new Kryptonian civilization on earth] must be built" on human extinction, as Superman sinks into a pit of skulls symbolizing human genocide.
General Zod, a fellow Kryptonian who along with his crew is exploring other worlds for Kryptonian habitat, finds out of Kal-El's location.
All hell breaks lose when a now free General Zod and his goons manage to locate the thing that they have been looking for, for years and target Metropolis.
Zod wants to replace the former with the latter, so what will our hero choose?
But Clark unwittingly sets off the tracking beacon of the stray ship he discovered, allowing the exiled General Zod and his troops to locate him.
When General Zod and his minions appear on Earth 30 years later ready for revenge, Kal knows he must use his powers before Zod annihilates the planet and all the people on it.
How else can you explain a final half hour that is just a wham, bam sequence of big, booming action as Zod and Superman thump lumps out of each other?
TheBIG Zod, an elemental Michael Shannon, swears revenge on the son of Jor-El and when Krypton is destroyed he escapes into open space with his followers.
Based on real life story of Richard Kuklinski, the film directed by Ariel Vromen has Michael Shannon in the lead who will also be seen as Kryptonian General Zod in 'Man of Steel'.
With no sense of jeopardy, Superman throws General Zod (Michael Shannon) around ad nauseam.