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Zulu language:

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geographic rather than linguistic classification of languages spoken on the African continent. Historically the term refers to the languages of sub-Saharan Africa, which do not belong to a single family, but are divided among several distinct linguistic stocks.
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Now she is making jewellery including brooches, necklaces, pendants and cufflinks combining coloured glass with gold and silver under the brand name Isoko, which means "culture" in the Zulu language.
MU's African Linguistics Workshop drew numerous presenters and attendees including MIT Zulu language expert Claire Halpert; Pomona College Professors Michael Diercks and Mary Paster; Ohio State University Professor David Odden; California State University Fullerton Professor Patricia Schneider-Zioga; Indiana University Professor Robert Botne; scholars from the University of Missouri, University of Minnesota and University of Kansas; and students from the Missouri Scholars Academy.
From South Africa comes Sara Becher's award-winning Otelo Burning, a Zulu language surf movie set in Durban against the backdrop of the political violence at the end of apartheid in the late 1980s.
Vilakazi resuscitated history by creating novels to be a celebration of Zuluness (ubuZulu), of greatness and heroism, while exploring the extensive possibilities offered by the Zulu language (isiZulu).
There were some other obvious reasons that will have influenced the process: my own ethnicity, gender, awareness of cultural norms and beliefs, and inability to speak the Zulu language.
Its name is believed to have derived from Zulu language and is thought to translate as 'making a vuvu noise'.
The Adidas World Cup ball, whose name Jabulani means to celebrate in the Zulu language, was billed as the first perfectly round ball and the most accurate yet when it was unveiled by FIFA.
This was a grammar subtitled A New, Practical, and Easy Method of Learning the Zulu Language, in its sixth edition renamed An English-Zulu Exercise Book, with Key for Colonists and Natives.
The growth of education, and still more the growth of employment opportunities, has led to the rapid growth of the Zulu professional class, which is determined that its children shall be proficient in English as the language of government and business, but equally determined that they shall not lose touch either with the Zulu language or with the culture of the Zulu people.
He is hoping to be able to visit the province of Zululand in South Africa after he was required to learn the Zulu language in only a month.
During his more than 30 years of exile, Kunene became the head of the Department of African Studies at the National University of Lesotho and then taught African literature and the Zulu language at UCLA for 19 years, where he became a full professor.
For instance, in English the Zulu are referred to as a "tribe", in the Zulu language, however, the word for the Zulu as a group is "isizwe", which more closely translates to "nation" or "people"; hence, "Umkhonto weSizwe" is "Spear of the Nation" not "Spear of the Tribe.