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1. a small spherical or ovoid mass of a medicinal substance, intended to be swallowed whole
2. the Informal an oral contraceptive



a solid medicinal dosage form for internal use. Pills are globules of a homogeneous plastic substance that contains the medicine; they range in weight from 0.1 to 0.5 g. Since tablets, lozenges, and capsules are more convenient forms of medication, pills are rarely used in modern practice.

What does it mean when you dream about a pill?

If the pill is a vitamin, then swallowing a pill in a dream might reflect a desire to take care of one’s health. Taking a pill can be a metaphor for accepting something unpleasant—”swallowing a bitter pill.” Pills could be a reference to “The Pill” used in birth control, and sometimes irritating people are referred to as “pills.”


A microwave stripline termination.
A small, solid dosage form of a globular, ovoid, or lenticular shape, containing one or more medicinal substances.
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For some business owners, paying taxes can be a bitter pill to swallow.
The healthy price is a bitter pill for finishers of store lambs who sold their stock during January and February for just pounds 25 to pounds 30 after buying them last autumn for pounds 40.
To do so often causes the closing of inefficient plants, the dropping of unrewarding product lines, the cutback of unproductive cost centers, and--this is a bitter pill for many companies to swallow--the wipeout of a lot of executive perquisites.
That's what a team of investigative reporters from Bloomberg Markets magazine discovered in a yearlong investigation culminating in a devastating, award-winning report called "Big Pharma's Shameful Secret," chronicled when AIR: AMERICA'S INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS presents A Bitter Pill, premiering Friday, September 8 at 9 p.
Obviously when the dust settles and you have time to think about it then we're going to think of it being a good point, but right now it doesn't feel like that, it's a bitter pill to swallow.
Sydney, Nov 20( ANI ): South Africa fast bowler Morne Morkel has said claiming the wickets of Australian batsmen Ed Cowan and Michael Clarke on no ball deliveries in the drawn Gabba Test was a bitter pill to swallow.
Defeat will be a disaster for either June and being out of the Championship in June will be a bitter pill to swallow for the loser.
He said: "The delay in the process means the Government is saving around pounds 1bn in the short term but, at a time when they are looking at bringing forward public expenditure projects to provide jobs, it's a bitter pill to swallow.
It does become a difficult environment to play in when you're 3-0 down at home but it's a bitter pill to swallow because it wasn't a 3-0 performance.
For the pilots, the cancellation was a bitter pill.
It was a bitter pill after all we had done for AIDS.