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the superior of an abbey of monks

What does it mean when you dream about an abbot?

Dreaming of the superior of a monastery may relate to authority, either secular or spiritual. It is sometimes a symbol of a spiritual guide.

References in classic literature ?
There the Abbot, an excellent manager of merchant origin, received Sergius simply and quietly and placed him in Hilary's cell, at first assigning to him a lay brother but afterwards leaving him alone, at Sergius's own request.
Read upon the same day at the Abbey of Beaulieu in the presence of the most reverend Abbot Berghersh and of the assembled order.
The Abbot alone sat gray and immutable, with a drawn face and a brooding eye.
There was a buzz and murmur among the white-frocked brethren at this grave charge; but the Abbot held up his long quivering hand.
The Abbot drew his gray brows low over his fiercely questioning eyes.
The Abbot turned his angry eyes away from them and bent them upon the accused, who met his searching gaze with a firm and composed face.
The brothers, who were English to a man, pricked up their ears at the sound of the homely and yet unfamiliar speech; but the Abbot flushed red with anger, and struck his hand upon the oaken arm of his chair.
The Abbot patted his foot and nodded his head, as one who passes a point but does not forget it.
The Abbot only sprang forward with shining eyes; but the chancellor and the master hung upon either arm and wrested him back out of danger's way.
If a family business owner is ready to sell, for example, Abbot Downing can partner with Wells Fargo Securities to provide access to private equity firms and other qualified buyers, helping business owners turn their illiquid assets into liquid assets to be reinvested.
15 Newton Abbot, nap) Lightly raced, this Karen Hobbs-trained point-to-pointer has something to find on official ratings but he is best suited by trips of shorter than 3m and that gives him decent chance here against more obvious candidates.
Go to Abbots Bromley in Staffordshire in early September and you could see a unique folk ritual - it is then that the famous Abbots Bromley Horn Dance is performed.