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in writing, arbitrary shortening of a word, usually by cutting off letters from the end, as in U.S. and Gen. (General). Contraction serves the same purpose but is understood strictly to be the shortening of a word by cutting out letters in the middle, the omission sometimes being indicated by an apostrophe, as in the word don't. Most abbreviations are followed by a period. Usage, however, differs widely, and recently omission of periods has become common, as in NATO and UN. Acronyms are combinations of the first letters/syllables in a group of words to form a new grouping of letters that can be pronounced as a word. A period is never used when apostrophes appear. A list of abbreviationsused in this encyclopedia may be found in the prefatory matter.
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Both of these factors can outstrip any perceived benefit of filing abbreviated accounts.
This abbreviated survey reviews the state agency survey's 2567s to see where problem areas might lie in the facility and what the facility is doing about them from a performance improvement viewpoint.
Mr Brueton said: 'Our members act for a considerable number of SMEs in this area and we are concerned about the publication of commercially sensitive information if abbreviated accounts are abolished.
When you study the two systems of abbreviating words, you find significant differences in how particular words are abbreviated and which words are abbreviated or not abbreviated in particular settings.
researchers have taken a shortcut, inserting only severely abbreviated versions of the APP gene that contain little more than the minimum amount of DNA necessary to make the protein.
If nothing else, Clifton Wharton's abbreviated career as deputy secretary of state has given him good fodder for speeches.
But compared with elaborate turnkey recycling systems often costing several million dollars, such abbreviated systems give a 3-4|cents~/lb advantage in lower depreciation costs.
The abbreviated battery of the McCarron-Dial Evaluation System (MDES) as described by McCarron and Dial (1976) and cross validated by Packard, Henke, and McCollum (1976) was utilized to measure the subject's level of vocational potential (McCarron & Dial, 1976).
A wholly owned subsidiary of Single Touch Systems (OTC BB: SITO), a technology based mobile media solutions provider to some of the largest companies in the world that enables retailers advertisers and brands to easily connect with customers through its patented technologies, announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement for its proprietary Abbreviated Dial Code technology, with Mobile Direct Response (MDR), a digital marketing and advertising firm.
With this strategic acquisition, Single Touch Systems, the wireless leader in Abbreviated Dial Codes, has positioned itself in the forefront to provide a first of its kind advertising and redemption system in the wireless industry.
The original legends offered are "Osvalds Saga", which is the oldest vernacular legend on the continent, and an edition of "Van Sunte Oswaldo Deme Konninghe", an abbreviated Low German legend deriving from the earliest version.
Why is it that when I click on any toolbar in any Microsoft application, I get only an abbreviated menu?