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(computer science)
A special function occurring in ALGOL, which yields the absolute value, or modulus, of its argument.


(mechanical engineering)

acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)

A plastic used for piping in drainage systems, storm sewers, and underground electrical conduit.


(Automatic Backup System) See backup software.
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Figure 37: ABS, Taiwan, Import and Export by Volume (Tons), 2000-2020 82
Figure 38: ABS, Taiwan, Average Price ($/Ton), 2000-2020 84
And ABS grafting copolymer with higher rubber content is difficult to process.
Effect of Rubber Content in ABS on the Properties of PC/ABS Blends
Also launching Versaflex OM 3000 series TPEs with "water clarity" and good overmolding adhesion to PC, ABS, PC/PETG, and PC/PBT.
Chinese firm supplies compounds for automotive and electrical parts, including ABS, PP, and nylon 6 and 66.
I've had chronic posture problems, so I have to strengthen my abs and back.
He's not working on his abs for the looks, he said.
The primary risks present in auto lease ABS transactions are credit risk and residual value risk, both of which would likely be affected by a manufacturer bankruptcy.
About ABS ABS is a young, dynamic and fast growing global satellite operator, with an entrepreneurial and creative business approach.
Celogen AZNP-130 for molded and extruded HDPE, ABS, HIPS, PPO/PPE, TPO/TPE, TPU, TPR; Santoprene and Sarlink.
ABS Consulting provides organizations with risk identification, assessment/consequence analysis using robust probabilistic modeling, for both operational and catastrophe risk, allowing corporations to quantify the true nature of the risk they face and the level of residual risk that remains after any mitigation effort.