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A blind spot or area of depressed vision in the visual field.



a blind area within the visual field, not affecting the surrounding area of the eye. Physiologic scotoma is that area of a healthy eye’s visual field corresponding with the optic disk, which does not have photoreceptors. Pathologic scotoma is a diagnostic symptom of many diseases, including retinitis and atrophy of the optic nerve. It is perceived as a dark spot (positive scotoma) or as a blank spot (negative scotoma) that can be detected only through special testing. During teichopsia (scintillating scotoma), which lasts 20–30 minutes, flickering is perceived along the eye’s periphery; the condition is usually accompanied by persistent headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Treatment of scotoma is directed toward the underlying disease.

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This result indicates that a 10-deg temporary scotoma can be more effective in disrupting acquisition performance than a 3-deg absolute scotoma.
Although the evidence collected here does not bear on this conclusion, it does support the idea that temporary scotomas, like absolute scotomas, do not fundamentally alter eye movement patterns.
It produces a small, physiological, absolute scotoma.