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1. denoting art characterized by geometric, formalized, or otherwise nonrepresentational qualities
2. Philosophy (of an idea) functioning for some empiricists as the meaning of a general term
3. an abstract painting, sculpture, etc.



a brief oral or written summary of a book, a scientific or scholarly work, or the results of a scientific or scholarly study. An abstract generally aims to provide scientific or scholarly information. The dissertation abstract written by those seeking the degree of candidate or doctor of sciences is a summary of the dissertation’s chief scholarly and theoretical propositions.

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The association includes more than 150 entities who employ more than 4,500 persons composed of title insurance underwriters, title insurance agencies, abstractors, attorney agents and vendors who serve the title insurance industry.
Technology based solution that delivers accuracy and speed, backed by a national abstractor network.
A study physician manually reviewed and adjudicated any pregnancy episode identified solely by the algorithm or by the medical record abstractors.
Out of that fire in Chicago you started to see more standardization in how abstractors went to the public records, followed up and issued title commitments, which basically is a title report showing liens, encumbrances and problems with the title.
The coming years will be pivotal for the title insurance industry," said Anastasi, who also serves on ALTA's Board of Governors and is Chairman of the Abstractors and Agent's Section for ALTA.
Our teams are made up of Realtors, contractors, Property Managers, and Title Abstractors.
The majority of the discrepancies in coding between the abstractors were related to difficulty in interpreting the handwriting of the participating physicians.
For this study, nurse abstractors collected 104 data items on 2,231 randomly selected emergency psychiatric patients treated in the EDs.
makes it easy for professionals in the appraisal, legal, finance, real estate industries along with abstractors, oil and gas land men and surveyors to save time and money accessing property tax reports, deed reports, GIS mapping and more.
Our study focused on several common important clinical conditions used in public reports of hospital assessments and developed a gold standard against which to compare hospitals' reporting of POA using multiple abstractors with physician adjudication of disagreements.
The current expansion adds over 34 established field abstractors to the SmartProp nationwide abstractor network.
To counter that, AMCSS' approach has been to encourage the local vendors to become part of its network, which includes appraisers, title abstractors, closing agents and related service providers.