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1. a very deep or unfathomable gorge or chasm
2. hell or the infernal regions conceived of as a bottomless pit

What does it mean when you dream about an abyss?

An abyss is a natural symbol of emptiness and meaninglessness. It can also represent the need to detach oneself from an overwhelming condition or relationship.

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Distressed Investment Banking: To the Abyss & Back -- 2nd Edition is available for purchase at Beard Books: https://ecommerce.
Abyss Program Management LLC is a global program management consulting practice.
This game will do a darn good job of shifting thousands of them because everything about Golden Abyss reeks of Uncharted quality.
A BRITAIN'S Got Talent star faces jail for looting during last week's riots, Street dancer Reece Davis-James, 18, reached this year's semi-final with his troupe Abyss.
I think someone just wants to push us to the edge of the abyss.
Maja Tomik from Utrinski vesnik says that Macedonia from a long time ago is deeply submerged in a social abyss and only 6 percent of citizens can satisfy their basic needs.
SIR - According to the Labour MP for Ogmore, we are all about to "hurtle into an abyss of our very own making" if we don't question the "consensus" on the need for public spending cuts.
The meeting) warns Israel that its intransigence and persistent defiance of the international community by the establishing new settlements in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) will push the region to the brink of an abyss," it said.
Abyss Prime minister George Papandreou said violence was "not a solution".
Evaluating The Abyss of Human Illusion entirely on its own merits is, let's admit, impossible, particularly if you're among "the devoted sons and other deviants" Christopher Sorrentino identifies, in his beautiful preface, as being for the moment his father's primary audience.
In July, the rate that American durable-goods factories used their productive capacity moved higher by nearly two percentage points, with the gain coming mostly from the auto industry's retreat from the abyss.
If there are benchmark beers in every style, Deschutes Abyss can pretty much lay claim to the imperial stout category.