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The comparative analysis of the monthly evolution of oribates and that of the pluviometry shows the impact of the latter on the temporal dispersal of acarids at ground level.
The first one is constituted by years 2011, 2012 and 2014 which seem to present a big affinity as for the distribution of the acarids of the ground.
Key Words: Triticum aestivum, acarid, mites, nutritional losses.
Temperature preference and respiration of acarid mites.
Klimov (2000) revised acarid mites of tribe Caloglyphini and synonymized Caloglyphus with Sancassania and described a new species.
Key words: Acarid, mites, genus Acotyledon, wheat, rice, Kamokiensis, Wazirabadensis.
One, the acarid mite Nanorchestes antarcticus, has been found in a nunatak at a latitude of more than 85[degrees]S, making it the animal known to live closest to the pole.