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Perifollicular accentuation and prurigo lesions also are common in patients with skin of color.
Among the surveyed patients of the second main group (patients with CHD), the distribution of accentuation was somewhat different.
However, progressive accentuation of tolerant attitudes by cohort comparisons only occurred in the honors college of the Arkansas university.
The author did not distinguish between stress as a prosodic-phonetic mechanism, and stress as a part of the phonological system, therefore she considered many different accentuation types, but did not formulate any compact rules.
Le style [beaucoup moins que]d'appuyeur[beaucoup plus grand que] demontre un moindre degre dans la gestion des taches et une plus forte accentuation pour l'appui des employes.
More serious are the many inaccuracies found in Greek quotations, especially with regard to accentuation, but also spelling mistakes, showing all too clearly that Young did not have his edition proofread.
Mostly, the framework which the objectives of the study in question is related to, is: (1) The accentuation of the importance of teacher-student interaction during the learning process; (2) Spotting those factors which shape a positive attitude within the Greek primary school: To what extent, do these factors shape and are shaped by teacher-student interaction?
Psychopathy and the accentuation of the nature of adolescent [Drug addiction (drug use) and adolescent drug addiction.
Ideal for enjoying family time together, this contemporary room boasts high-gloss white kitchen fittings which contrast against the bright pink accentuation wall.
Next, simple rhythmic patterns played by the surdo and the tamborim are presented and the student is encouraged to vocalize or tap them while counting out loud to develop the proper sense of timing and accentuation.
The outline parts are enhanced effectively to give edges more clearness while giving a moderate accentuation to the texture areas to look more finely detailed.