access floor

raised floor

raised floor: cutaway detail of a plate adjacent to the wall
raised floor showing floor plates on pedestals
A floor fabricated entirely of square plates that rest on interlocked pedestals attached to the structural floor of a building. The plates usually are fabricated of aluminum and are covered with cork, carpet, or vinyl tiles. The plates can be removed to provide convenient access to the cables beneath; used extensively in computer rooms.
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The most widely specified laminated access floor tile product in the United States, Nevamar Laminated Floor Tiles are manufactured by the Decorative Products Division of International Paper Co.
The work from these new contracts consists of the supply and installation of cleanroom partition systems, filtered ceiling systems, air delivery systems, and raised access floor systems.
Bruce McQuilken, CEO of Flexspace, stated "We believe that this agreement with American Access Technologies will further identify Flexspace as the access floor industry leader in flexible, cost effective network cable and power distribution technology.
Anixter's Charles Peirce explained that Qwest initially is installing a dozen American Access floor units for patch panels in the Sterling, Va.
CPI's patent pending Internal Air Duct channels cold air from the access floor plenum to the top half of the TeraFrame, reducing hot spots in high heat density applications.
Powerflor offers full access floor cable management systems utilizing AMP products such as the AMPINNERGY system, Category 5 cable and fiber optics.
semiconductor manufacturer chose PACER's new access floor system for use in its new U.
The fitout will involve new raised access floors and upgrading of the existing raised access floor, new partitions, suspended ceilings, upgrade of all washrooms and joinery items.
Smith notes that the access floor design serves another purpose as well, "We know from experience that the function of a building can evolve over time, so it was important that our design be flexible.
Below the access floor of one trading room, we saw an 18" deep space so packed with bundles of cable that the slab below was not even remotely visible.
Tyco Electronics today introduced a new addition to their AMP NETCONNECT Access Floor Workstation Module product family.
Contract award: elementary school aubinger allee with dual sports hall, construction, covering, raised access floor, raised floor.