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Shareholders resident in the United Kingdom, receiving dividends on B Shares through the Dividend Access Mechanism, are entitled to a tax credit.
Zhen Ni, Qianmu Li, Tao and Li, Yong Qi in their paper on "A WSN Nodes Access Mechanism and Directed Diffusion in Emergency Circumstances" proposed a new routing framework for building Wireless Sensor Networks in emergency circumstances.
This is not necessarily a bad design decision and implementing the keychain access mechanism in a different manner — for example, by asking the user to input their keychain password every time when an application needs to access keychain data — wouldn't have ultimately impacted the ability of attackers with root access to steal keychain data.
DFM officials said the exchange in coordination with the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) is working on a number of new initiatives including the plan to introduce short selling, market making, trading covered warrants, trading rights issues, stock swap agreements, Direct Market Access Mechanism, and data preparation analysis and publishing system.
The fold-down feature operates like an automobile via an easy access mechanism that eliminates the need for pulling pins to configure seats.
We have agreed in principle to institutionalize consular access mechanism as millions of Pakistanis are living and working in Saudi Arabia.
Microsoft BizTalk consolidates all message traffic and offers end users a consistent view of messages from a variety sources with a single access mechanism.
Longe et al (2009) introduced a D-CR access mechanism which can be use to double checked against masquerading but fails to tackle the problem of CAPTCHA relay attacker.
It provides a unified mixed-signal design cockpit with very high capacity and a very fast database access mechanism.
There must be an open, standard access mechanism to the remote service that can allow access from anywhere to anyone who is interested in the service
lt;p>The longer-term concern, however, is that the prevalent storage model will move from the client (PST) to a server-side storage model -- hence eliminating the need for PST management tools altogether -- and the default access mechanism moves to the browser, away from "fat" client access.
It is expected that the dividends on the B shares will be paid via the Dividend Access Mechanism from UK-sourced income of the Royal Dutch Shell Group.