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Essentially, IFRS 4 allows insurance contracts to continue to be accounted for under local GAAP methods,"as long as they can be identified as insurance contracts," said Nagari, whose London-based group is developing a "global interpretation" of IFRS, along with PwC's position on the implications of IFRS 4 for insurance contracts.
Further, the taxpayer must attach a statement to the Form 3115, describing all items marked to market that will no longer be accounted for under that method.
This led the Fifth Circuit to allow depreciation and ITC on the nonrecoverable cushion gas, but to require the recoverable cushion gas to be accounted for as inventory.
WALTER SCHUETZE: The SEC has been urging the Financial Accounting Standards Board to require that marketable debt and equity securities be accounted for at fair value or market value in the face of the financial statements.
Statement 154 requires that a change in method of depreciation, amortization, or depletion for long-lived, nonfinancial assets be accounted for as a change in accounting estimate that is effected by a change in accounting principle.
Deals of this size frequently are accounted for as poolings and often are contingent on the acquirer receiving pooling accounting treatment.

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