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Law a formal charge brought against a person stating the crime that he is alleged to have committed



in law:

(1) Procedural activity by legally empowered agencies or persons consisting in proving the guilt of a person who is being tried for a crime. Soviet law envisions three types of accusation: state, social, and private. State accusation is carried out by the prosecutor, social accusation is conducted by an authorized representative of an organization of working people (public prosecutor), and private accusation is conducted by the victim personally or through a representative. In some instances of private accusation the prosecuting attorney may press charges along with the victim or his representative. The law of some Union republics permits the victim to participate in pressing charges in cases other than those involving private accusation.

(2) The content of the accusation, formulated in the conclusion to indict; formulation of the accusation brought by the prosecutor and set forth in his speech.

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Toward eleven o'clock the king entered the hall, surrounded by guards, but wearing his head covered, and with a calm expression turned to every side with a look of complete assurance, as if he were there to preside at an assembly of submissive subjects, rather than to meet the accusations of a rebel court.
It would have implied admitting the truth of the accusations brought against him.
I will not therefore return to himself the charge brought against me but to himself Yes, Brian de Bois-Guilbert, to thyself I appeal, whether these accusations are not false?
It understands the ongoing damage to reputations that cannot be repaired by simply removing an accusation from a website, even when it has been proven that the accusation doesn't have merit or a resolution has been reached between the licensee and the board.
He saw that aim of the accusation was to thwart Zagreb's approach of filing a lawsuit against Belgrade to proof ethnic cleansing practiced against Croatian civilians by the Serbian army.
Guillen didn't care for the accusation and also was angry when Young glared at him later in Tuesday's game.
Then develop written policies that include procedures for dealing with the occurrence, discovery, and accusation of abuse.
This course of action was deemed less expensive and would avoid the bad publicity, and save the time and effort necessary to fight the wrongful termination charge as well as to force the former employee to cease and desist the false sexual harassment accusation.
I have answered all the accusations and these arguments prove the absurdity of this accusation," Kaliak told journalists as quoted by Sme.
Describing the former accusation as "minimal", Douglas said: "I am sorry if I used coarse language with my friends.
At the moment the prime reason for this regression is Imran Khan and his continued politics of blame and accusation.
Trillanes' latest accusation came last Thursday at the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing on the P6.