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In the acid sulfate soil, absorption was recorded in three treatments but not the 80-min treatment.
In addition, peaks 3, 8 and 23 were negatively correlated, respectively including caffeic acid sulfate, ferulic acid sulfate and secoxyloganin.
Keywords: Acid sulfate soil; Chelation; Aluminum toxicity; Iron toxicity; Organic acid; Rice seedling
Topics include: vitriols in antiquity, biogeochemistry of acid drainage, the microbiology of acid drainage, sampling design and preparation, acid sulfate soils, acid-base accounting test procedures, kinetic testing, management and assessment of acid drainage data, passive treatment acid mine drainage, resource recovery, and case studies for acid mine drainage.
Acid sulfate alteration is observed near to the La Olleta crater in the NRV; there, a paragenesis of amorphous silica, quartz, sulfur, alunite, mercallite and cristobalite was identified by XRD.
The indicators included soil morphological attributes such as colour, mottles, pedogenic segregations, and horizonation; physical attributes such as texture; and chemical attributes such as organic carbon, acid sulfate chemistry, and salinity.
ABSTRACT Estuarine acidification, caused by disturbance of acid sulfate soils (ASS) is a problem that affects many estuaries in eastern Australia.
Through this framework I present an ontological narrative of the acid sulfate soils, a contemporary environmental problem, and the innovative scientific procedures that have been used to identify and manage its effects.
Zona Aquino is interpreted to represent the uppermost portions of an acid sulfate system.