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phyllinus have characteristics of fluid transport cells, based on a basal less acidophilic region that is indicated by the presence of a developed system of folds in the basal membrane.
In order to isolate the mesophilic, chemolithotrophic, acidophilic bacteria of the genus Acidithiobacillus, 1 g of spoil sample was suspended in 100ml each of Starkey medium in Erlenmeyer (shake) flask.
6, the bacterium is concluded to be a chemolithotrophic, facultatively autotrophic, acidophilic, moderately thermophilic bacterium.
Many sections exhibited an acidophilic amorphous material resembling necrotic marrow tissue, in parts mixed with disrupted osseous trabeculae, but without any inflammatory reaction i.
Non-specific parenchymal changes that include scattered acidophilic bodies, lobular disarray and cholestasis may be present.
The occasional presence of basophilic intracytoplasmic structures in neurons located in the cerebral cortex that underwent necrobiosis was interpreted as a neurophagic process that was taking place in the glial cells because these inclusions were shown to be positive by the Feulgen reaction (Figure 2, panel C), whereas the Negri bodies have a strongly acidophilic nature.
The surrounding vegetation can be described as a habitat-complex of rocky grassland and debris slope forest all embedded in acidophilic hornbeamoak woods with beech (Simon, 1977).
Microscopic features of hyalinizing trabecular tumors * A trabecular-alveolar growth pattern of medium-to large-sized cells * Finely granular, acidophilic, or clear cytoplasm * Round yellow paranuclear cytoplasmic bodies * Polygonal and fusiform cells * Nuclei with prominent grooves, small nucleoli, and cytoplasmic pseudoinclusions and with occasional mitotic figures * Intratrabecular hyaline (Periodic acid Schiff--positive basement membrane material); this resembles amyloid but has a negative amyloid stain * Arrangement of cells in sinuous or straight trabeculae supported by a delicate fibrovascular stroma (ranging from minimal to modest) * Scant to absent colloid * The possible presence of psammoma bodies * The possible association of lymphocytic thyroiditis Table 2.
The elongated cells are arranged in interlacing bundles or fascicles, with acidophilic cytoplasm and "cigar-shaped," blunt-ended nuclei (Fig.
A change in lake chemistry is indicated by a decrease in Fragilaria and an increase in the acidophilic group Eunotia at 200cm.
Categories for Point Counting Normal and Abnormal Muscle Tissue and Connective Tissue Category Subcategories Description Normal muscle tissue Fiber with polygonal shape, homogeneous acidophilic cytoplasm, intact plasma membrane, peripheral nuclei.
Nevertheless, Walker and Wickramasinghe (1979) and Weier and Gilliam (1986) suggested that autotrophic nitrification could occur in acid soils, and Hankinson and Schmidt (1988) identified an acidophilic Nitrobacter strain in acid forest soils.