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A condition of decreased alkali reserve of the blood and other body fluids.



a change in the acid-alkaline balance of the organism as a result of insufficient removal and oxidation of organic acids (for example, beta-hydroxybutyric acid). Usually these products are rapidly removed from the body. In febrile diseases, intestinal disorders, pregnancy, starvation, and such, they are retained in the body; this is manifested in mild cases by the appearance of acetoacetic acid and acetone in the urine (so-called ketonuria). In severe cases (for example, diabetes mellitus) it may lead to coma. Treatment consists of removal of the cause of acidosis (for example, by administering insulin in case of diabetes); there is also symptomatic treatment—soda and an abundance of fluids taken internally.

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With the return of rumen pH within normal range heart rate in acidotic goats also came down within normal range of 85-95 bpm.
Another study showed that the enterocyte regulatory system was altered in presence of LPS through the inhibition of proton pump under extracellular acidotic conditions, which resulted in a cytoplasmic acidification and alteration in cellular function 12.
Values above 45 mm Hg are considered acidotic as carbon dioxide is retained.
Acidotic patients had worse haemodynamic indicators, with a significantly higher inferior vena cava collapsibility index on Day 0 than non-acidotic patients (52.
12] Furthermore, hyperchloraemia may not only contribute to an acidotic state during renal insufficiency, but aggravate renal damage further by inducing renal vasoconstriction.
Reduction of acidotic microenvironments slows the production of free-floating single fibrin fibrils from fibrinogen, further lowering viscosity in the narrow capillaries.
With large shunts aim to keep saturation at 88 - 94% as long as the perfusion is good and the child is not acidotic.
Perinatal asphyxia was diagnosed if the children presented with any of the following: the perinatal history was suggestive of fetal heart rate changes; meconium staining; or acidotic cord pH; subsequent neonatal encephalopathy; other organ or systemic dysfunction; and compatible electrophysiological tests and neuroimaging.
Laboratory and radiographic diagnostic tests performed in the ED did not reveal a cause for the illness; none of the four patients were acidotic.
Consuming alkaline vegetables like spinach and kale, or really any green vegetable, will help improve your pH, for, as some believe, those of us who are suffering from an illness are likely in an acidotic state.
papaya for 7 days also signals acidotic conditions, however prolonged administration increased the serum bicarbonate, a reflection that the kidney is beginning to counteract the acidotic condition.