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The mount has a fast-pitch Acme thread attachment section, and behind that are the toothed notches for the 51-tooth locking system.
In addition, it offers clamp-style, DIN or ACME thread connections.
The fast-mating 2M801 dual-start ACME thread connector offers a Dualok plug that exceeds MIL-DTL-38999 vibration levels and offers the highest coupling torque currently available in a micro-miniature connector.
At the inferior part of the axle 4 is mounted the bushedbearing 6, free on the axle, fitted with a coarse pitch exterior acme thread (90 mm).
Available for any UN, UNJ, Buttress, Metric, or Acme thread greater than 3".
The Acme thread form has a 29-degree thread angle and a large flat at the crest and root (see Fig.
The acme thread lead accuracy of the lifting screw is better than 0.
In addition, the pump offers clamp-style, DIN or ACME thread connections.
In Hock's case, he needed to put a 2-pitch internal Acme thread in a 14" I.
Taylor Tool manufactures special and standard right- and left-hand taps, round and hexagon-rethreading dies in American, full form British Whitworth, metric, pipe, locknut, and Acme thread forms.
All pumps meet 3A requirements and are provided with clamp, acme thread or sanitary butt weld end connections.