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In all stations, sound pressure level is higher among tight acoustic generator sources having acoustic interference effect on existing space and the contours get closer to each other.
MFC's Container Conversion and Modular Fabrication solutions include: Acoustic generator rooms; transformer rooms; switch-gear rooms; offshore control rooms; food supply containers (chillers and freezers); site offices; crew accommodations; tool rooms; portable workshops; latrines; mobile promotion units (for road shows and storage facilities).
Pulsating jet with acoustic generator of pressure pulsations
The high-pressure system with integrated acoustic generator of pressure pulsations consists of a cylindrical acoustic chamber connected to the liquid waveguide.
However, if high frequency acoustic pulsations are implemented to flat jet via acoustic generator, completely different situation occurs: pulsating flat water jet is capable of disintegrating hard concrete layers using ordinary high-pressure equipment for concrete repair and treatment.
The ATCO acoustic generator enclosure also provides a highly sealed environment that prohibits dust and moisture from entering the generator area.
We put a magnet and acoustic generators in the water and it influences the mines," Leonard said.
The contract inked with ITT Corporation (now ITT Exelis), will see Thales supplying three ship sets of Advanced Acoustic Generators (Gs).