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To this end, we used multibeam echosounder data to generate metrics that describe the seafloor: backscatter strength at normal and oblique incidence angles, the variation of the angle-dependent backscatter strength within 10[degrees] of normal incidence, the scintillation of the acoustic intensity scattered from the seafloor, and the seafloor rugosity.
Seafloor backscatter collected with an MBES, as are the predictions shown in Figure 1, are often treated as the ensemble average of a large number of random realizations of scattered acoustic intensity.
Some topics here include the effect of acoustic intensity in plate polymeric membrane, the effect of ultrasonic intensity on the degradation of phenol solution, and ethanol extraction of flavonoids from mungbean skin.
Their products are used to characterize acoustic intensity and power in the medical ultrasonic and industrial megasonic fields.
In order to evaluate the acoustic performance of a newly designed engine block under various operating conditions, prototypes of different designs can be built, and acoustic parameters, such as sound pressure level, acoustic intensity, and radiated sound power, can be measured at various operating conditions.
CSI also helps identify deficiencies in process and machine design through modal analysis, which determines vibration modes; acoustic intensity testing, which identifies noise problems; and performs product quality testing and general troubleshooting.
The AEC's 3-D Acoustic Intensity Measurement Robot System is the first robotic device specifically designed to measure acoustic intensity automatically, allowing researchers to use the device to take accurate measurements on all the plains that surround a part -- especially under severe performance conditions that would preclude researchers from being in close proximity to the tests.
o I-DEAS Acoustic Intensity Measurement software assists users in noise source identification by collecting real-time acoustic data, as well as calculating and displaying acoustic intensities.
In the rear-wheel-drive powertrain test chamber, engineers use a sophisticated 3-D Acoustic Intensity Measurement Robot System to obtain measurements on all planes surrounding a component while it is being tested.
BUSINESS WIRE)--December 13, 1994--GenRad Structural Test Products (STP) Division announced today the release of special ISO standards compliance software for acoustic intensity testing.