Acoustic Power

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acoustic power

[ə′küs·tik ′pau̇·ər]

Power, Acoustic


the energy carried by a sound wave through a particular surface per unit time; it is measured in watts. A distinction is made between the instantaneous value of acoustic power and the average over the period of an oscillation or a prolonged time interval. Of greatest interest is the average acoustic power per unit area, which is called the sound intensity.

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The final expression for calculating the total level of acoustic power generated by a steam discharge from a power generating boilers is,
The exterior noise power (ENP) around the vehicle is defined as the acoustic power radiated to the far-field and then can be calculated as an integration of the far-field acoustic intensity over a closed surface which encloses the vehicle at large distance from vehicle.
This is simply an unobstructed tube through which acoustic power can flow, but with careful attention to flow straightening at the ends, so the oscillating gas motion within it is thermally stratified.
Now, normalizing the incident acoustic power to unity-that is, setting a*a = 1, then the reflected acoustic power is given by the value of the first part of Eq.
2]; W is acoustic power, W; S is surface area through which during particular time acoustic power permeates, [m.
After a year, however, both the acoustic power and quality of sound were outstanding.
The mechanical noise level is calculated by linear interpolation of the nominal power of the motor with a dependence of acoustic power levels on standard power values for known motors.
Highlights include the blitzkreig rock of Dresden's Ultimatum, the raw acoustic power of Katie Sutherland's Anymore and the heavy post-Britpop indie of The Black Alley Screens' The Camera Never Lies.
Lead alloys solder for transducers (for high-powered loudspeakers designated to operate for several hours at high acoustic power levels) will be exempt.
Janet Robin - Acoustic power pop singer-songwriter, 8 p.
sees much emphasis being placed on adding acoustic power "so you can fill a large room.
as it is fitted into a vehicle and represents a significant reduction in the amount of acoustic power emitted.

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