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The mooring line sensor array is acoustically connected with an innovative acoustic receiver s arrangement in the hull of the ship.
At each acoustic station, we deployed an array that consisted of a 400-1b pyramidal anchor, an acoustic receiver (VR2), and a shallow-water release encased in a positively buoyant canister (SWR Pop-Up recovery system, ORE Offshore, West Wareham, MA).
Here's a small sampling of topics to give an idea of the subject range and technical level of the papers: symbol synchronization for an underwater acoustic receiver, particle discharge pattern recognition of electrical transformers, sorting radar signals based on coherency, acoustic evaluation of different types of external windows in severe cold areas in China, an optical fiber displacement sensor based on RBF neural network, and application of optimization in image de-noising by shrinkage of wavelet coefficients.
It employs a detector array consisting of 128 individual acoustic receiver elements arranged in a patented geometry.
On the first mooring to be deployed, a critical microprocessor on the main acoustic receiver array malfunctioned, threatening to compromise the experiment.
These features are made possible by the recent release of the company's DSP-based Digital Acoustic Receiver.
Total quantity or scope of tender: 20 x Acoustic Receivers with a full release kit and a mooring system and 1 x active fish-tracking device with an acoustic receiver and an Omnidirectional hydrophone.
Raytheon's Deep Siren solution includes a satellite communications command station, an acoustic receiver decoding station on board a submarine, and a communications gateway buoy that floats on the ocean surface and converts received SATCOM messages to underwater acoustic transmissions.
Among the new developments are a general purpose acoustic receiver, spread spectrum communications, the Net Symmetry System and improved sonar sensors.
data recorded with Litton's fiber optic acoustic receiver array yielded image resolution 10 times higher than has ever been achieved using surface seismic technology in an operating California oil field.
The Department of Fisheries (The Department) Shark Research Section requires the purchase of Vemco acoustic telemetry equipment to collect information on the occurrence, movements and behaviour of white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) via acoustic receiver arrays around the south west of the state.
During the many expeditions this season the team managed to deploy satellite tags, acoustic receivers, acoustic tags, collect tissue samples and record identification photos of the sharks encountered.