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The municipality of Helmond for the respective intended to carry out an acoustic survey.
Two common techniques for acoustic survey implementation are stationary and mobile surveys.
Officials admitted that during the five-yearly check of the ceiling in September there had been no acoustic survey of the metal parts that support the panels, which each weigh up to 1.
We're delighted that Sonardyne has been able to help them take the next step in acoustic survey positioning technologies.
A detailed acoustic survey at the hotel has been carried out, and its results and recommendations will go before the licensing hearing.
Drawing on data collected in 2008 during an acoustic survey researchers now estimate that only 250 individuals of the species remain, a drop of 56 per cent in just over a decade.
It was discovered by the Oscar Dyson, a US research ship conducting an acoustic survey in the Aleutian Islands.
2002) reported an inverse relationship between acoustic survey estimates of Pacific hake biomass in Canadian waters from 1977 through 1998 and average upwelling anomaly over the preceding April, May, and June at 33[degrees]N, with the upwelling anomaly variable accounting for 77% of the variance in the Canadian biomass estimates.
IN response to your article regarding the requirement of an acoustic survey before planners will consider granting planning permission for a wind turbine (Telegraph, November 27) it is amazing that Mr Baughan finds it ironic that "they are more worried about noise pollution than they are about global warming" while at the same time he admits he has a "huge carbon footprint".
A recent Environment Agency acoustic survey is expected to confirm the Bay is steadily accumulating a fish population of its own, seeded by the rivers Taff and E y.
Yet the far more recent chapters on computer applications and acoustic survey describe methodology that, if not obsolete, is hardly 'cutting edge'.
The LLSS is an ideal complement to more conventional sonar technology because while acoustic survey methods such as side scan sonar can cover larger areas of the sea floor, they cannot detect objects smaller than 2 to 3 feet in size and do not allow the immediate visual identification that the laser image does.
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