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name for a palmpalm,
common name for members of the Palmae, a large family of chiefly tropical trees, shrubs, and vines. Most species are treelike, characterized by a crown of compound leaves, called fronds, terminating a tall, woody, unbranched stem.
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 (Phoenix dactylifera) and for its edible fruit. Probably native to Arabia and North Africa, it has from earliest times been a principal food in many desert and tropical regions. For some 4,000 years it has been grown near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It is cultivated in many other warm regions, including parts of the SW United States and Mexico.

The trees sometimes reach a height of 100 ft (30.5 m) and yield fruit for generations. Staminate (male) and pistillate (female) flowers are borne on separate trees, and pollination of those grown commercially is usually done by hand. Seedless dates may be produced without pollination but they are inferior. Heavy, pendant clusters of the sweet, nutritious fruits are produced; the yield after maturity (10 to 15 years) is usually from 100 to 200 lb (45–90 kg) or more per tree annually. Each fruit is 1 to 3 in. (2.54–7.6 cm) long, reddish brown or yellowish brown, and somewhat cylindrical or oblong. When ripe, the bunches of fruit are cut intact from the palm and matured in a warm place.

In the Old World, a sugar and a fermented drink are made from the sap of the date palm and other species of Phoenix, and the seeds are sometimes roasted and used as a coffee substitute or pressed for oil, leaving a residue useful for stock feed. The wood of the trunk is often used in construction and the leaves are used for weaving mats and baskets.

Dates are classified in the division MagnoliophytaMagnoliophyta
, division of the plant kingdom consisting of those organisms commonly called the flowering plants, or angiosperms. The angiosperms have leaves, stems, and roots, and vascular, or conducting, tissue (xylem and phloem).
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, class Liliopsida, order Arecales, family Palmae.



the fruit of the date palm. Dates are eaten fresh or dried and are used to make various dishes. They are a major food in the Arabic countries, where no fewer than 100 dishes are made from them. They contain 62–71 percent sugar, 1–2.5 percent protein, and 2.5 percent fat. Depending on the variety of date palm, the fruits dry out slightly or remain soft.


(convention, data)
A string unique to a time duration of 24 hours between 2 successive midnights defined by the local time zone. The specific representation of a date will depend on which calendar convention is in force; e.g., Gregorian, Islamic, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew etc. as well as local ordering conventions such as UK: day/month/year, US: month/day/year.

Inputting and outputting dates on computers is greatly complicated by these localisation issues which is why they tend to operate on dates internally in some unified form such as seconds past midnight at the start of the first of January 1970.

Many software and hardware representations of dates allow only two digits for the year, leading to the year 2000 problem.

Unix manual page: date(1), ctime(3).
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It is critical that police, prosecutors, judges, jurors, and commanders be capable of believing that acquaintance rape does exist.
NOTEREF _Ref220848217 \h \* MERGEFORMAT) See Restorative Justice for Acquaintance Rape, supra note 13 (noting RESTORE distinguished for work with victims and offenders).
However, the idea of a lesser offence of "date" or acquaintance rape was rejected by the panel.
Serial rapists are fairly rare, accounting for only about 2 percent of attacks, with the vast majority involving date- or acquaintance rape, said Valley Operations Bureau Assistant Commanding Officer Valentino Paniccia.
Additionally, an element of male dominance, the perception of females as sex objects, and the negation of acquaintance rape as sexual assault has also been ascertained in our youth (Hall, Howard, & Boezio, 1986).
Conduct uniform education programs concerning substance abuse and acquaintance rape
There was, then, an 11% increase in the number of acquaintance rapists who were in prison while the number of acquaintance rape victimizations increased by only 79% (41% versus 48%) over this same period.
In this collection of 11 studies, contributors cover a variety of situations, including the psychometric evaluation of structured clinical interviews for DSM-IV childhood diagnoses, self-rating scales for assessing the severely mentally ill, measuring traditions in Chinese elders living in a changing social environment, using the Rap Music Attitude and Perception scale, taking a child's view of a neighborhood, assessing symptoms of depression in young maltreated children, locating advances in the North Carolina Family Assessment Scale and the Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale, developing a spiritual support scale to use with older adults, and finding the reliability of a scale for attitudes about acquaintance rape.
I also fear an increase of acquaintance rape in connection with Viagra abuse.
Sexual violence includes drug-facilitated rape, acquaintance rape, intimate-partner rape, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, pornography and stalking.
Calls for a lesser offence for acquaintance rape are rejected and banning drugs traced in drug rape incidents, such GHB, are also dismissed.