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However, Gudykunst (1995) found evidence that when relationships reach the stage of acquaintanceship predictions are based on personal rather than cultural data, and that similarity of cultural background is not a necessary prerequisite for acquaintanceship preference.
Acquaintanceship among team members tends to reduce team performance in the ease of sharing rules based oil peer evaluations.
State prosecutor Elena Kleopa said that an acquaintanceship and some social contact were not enough to justify a judge's non-partiality in themselves, especially in a small place like Cyprus.
The other stories of individuals within his community and acquaintanceship demonstrate how they find their inner strength, love, and generosity by living according to moral standards while helping others.
Further reflection and acquaintanceship with Guinea-Bissau has caused us to further refine our opinion on the role of race in internal politics in GB, towards a further downgrading of the role of race as a potential element.
Wilson in establishing a new science writing award, Ford said, "I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that the facts of science are often unpalatably presented to the general public and, because of my acquaintanceship with Dr.
Maria Macuch, the Iranist and leading authority in the field of Sasanian jurisprudence, contributed a personal and extremely touching biography of her father, who otherwise might appear somewhat intimidating and impersonal to those who are familiar with his scholarship but who did not have the privilege of his acquaintanceship.
Along the way they made the acquaintanceship of David Bruce-Johnson, a Canadian living in Birmingham, England, and maker of the violectra.
Miss Moss not only avoids intimacy with another but also friendship and its diluted cousin acquaintanceship.
Because Beveridge was a fully-committed eugenicist, I have a more than passing acquaintanceship with the birth of the welfare state (which I contend had more to do with building a healthy workforce to serve the needs of the (capitalist) state than with 'looking after' individuals).
Where there was friendship, or acquaintanceship, according to interviews, Lou now found scorn and cold shoulders.