active detection systems

active countermeasures

Those countermeasures that require transmissions from friendly sources. Active countermeasures can be electromagnetic, IR (infrared), electro-optical, or microwave. Among electromagnetic active countermeasures, the most common are deception jamming, self-protection jamming, and stand-off jamming. This is in contrast to passive countermeasures such as chaff dispensing. Also called active detection systems.
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On the other hand, the NIST system is relatively broadband so it eliminates the problem of glint often associated with active detection systems.
Nasdaq: OPTT and London Stock Exchange AIM: OPT) ("OPT" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a new $3 million contract for participation in the second phase of the US Navy's Deep Water Active Detection Systems ("DWADS") program, which is designed to utilize sophisticated data gathering and communications systems.

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