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He had a fondness, half artistic, half affectionate, for little children--the smaller they were on tolerably active legs, and the funnier their clothing, the better Will liked to surprise and please them.
My flight plan now has KSAF SAF, which is the active leg, then the fixes on the approach starting with HEGMI.
All mites which died within 6 hours were considered as susceptible to drug, while mites having active leg movements even after 6 hours were considered as non-susceptible.
All mites which died within 5 hours had been declared as susceptible to drugs, while mites having active leg movements even after 5 hours of drug application were considered as non-susceptible.
SkyView automatically refreshes the active leg, syncing the two systems together.
Additionally, estimated time enroute (ETE), distance information, and the active leg of a flight plan are conveniently displayed just below the HSI.
A hand/foot-driven bike allows for passive or active leg exercise by enabling the rider to pedal with hands, feet, or both through synchronized hand/foot operation.
The active leg muscle contraction increases muscle stiffness and decreases postural stability during quiet stance.
measuring the corresponding acceleration active leg movements and movements to achieve a similar acceleration of the leg resulted.
Mughal's research focuses on active leg prosthetics, and the complex bipedal mechanism he modeled involved 12 degrees-of-freedom and nine joints.
And that group of patients has included 66 patients with active leg ulcers, unstable healed ulcers, or disabling lipodermatosclerosis.
You've got the final approach course as the active leg, which isn't quite right when you're not on it yet, but will work even with a GPS approach.