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7 percent due to active margin trading involving the Australian dollar, the committee said.
Given the active margin and money lending business and additional IPO financial facilities, gearing ratio of Quam, being calculated as borrowings over net assets, was 69.
13 Table XVII Types of bank and their client's life style Life style clusters type of Systematic Cautious Active Active bank aspirers achievers moderate Margin Government 131 96 85 312 Private 178 129 129 436 Foreign 59 51 37 147 Active margin 368 276 251 895 Table XVIII Types of loan and their client's life style type of Systematic Cautious Active Active bank aspirers achievers moderate Margin Personal 121 98 99 318 Consumer 116 94 71 281 Home 131 84 81 296 Active margin 368 276 251 895
The growth in car maintenance together with active margin management strategies across all categories, has resulted in a strengthening of gross margin ahead of internal expectations," said the firm in a statement.
This research resource, which could also well serve in the classroom as models of study, deals with time scales ranging from particle transport to deep burial and use as test cases a tectonically active margin in northern California and a passive margin in New Jersey.
1] collision (folding of the Burwash Basin) and Defeat magmatism, a subduction flip may have occurred, moving the active margin to the northwest of the present Slave craton.
Undertaking this active margin management program, a strategy to reduce price risk, contributed positively to the fourth quarter earnings.
Explores timescales ranging from particle transport at one extreme, to deep burial at the other Insights are presented for margins in general, and with focus on a tectonically active margin (northern California) and a passive margin (New Jersey), enabling detailed examination of the intricate relationships between a wide suite of sedimentary processes and their preserved stratigraphy
The modern active margin is but the most recent evolutionary stage.
Convergent margins, also called Pacific or active margins, result from the collision and interaction of plates along a continent's edge.
He has been a member of the JOIDES Active Margins Panel, the Planning Committee, and, in the immediate past, the Executive Committee.
The program's four broad areas of interest are tectonic evolution of passive and active margins, origin and evolution of oceanic crust, origin and evolution of marine sedimentary sequences, and paleoceanography.