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As a result, the apparent activity coefficient of the monomer species will be greater than one when the pure solvent is diluted into another nonpolar solvent.
The authors demonstrated that the activity coefficient of carbon dioxide is considerably higher in the methanol-carbon dioxide mixture, and that the non-linearity of the liquid phase is due to the auto association present in methanol (as they suggested).
The relation between the mass-based infinite dilution activity coefficient of the solvent, ([[OMEGA].
Modification of PSRK mixing rules and results for vapor-liquid equilibria, enthalpy of mixing and activity coefficients at infinite dilution.
in the liquid phase are very low compared to the other species present in the equilibrated liquid phase, they have been neglected in the material balances and activity coefficient calculations.
Influence of base (nickel and iron) and impurity elements in ferronickel on activity coefficient and, as a result, on sulfur activity may be estimated by parameters of interaction of first order (the Wagner parameter), which represent ratio of partial derivative of logarithm of activity coefficient of an element (in this case sulfur) to weight share (%) of the impurity
The apparent suppression of Na/K data obtained with ion-selective electrodes is due to junction potential and activity coefficient effect, not to bicarbonate binding [Letter], and Coleman RL, Young CC [Reply].
Ki is the equilibrium constant for the gas reaction and fi is the activity coefficient.
16 Comparison and analysis of investment activity coefficient and rate of return on investment in Industry
The weight fraction activity coefficient (1) of the solute at infinite dilution can be calculated from following relation [28].