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After the first year,' say the trustees, 'an account current will be opened with each pupil; he will be charged with the actual cost of his board, which will not exceed two dollars per week;' a trifle more than eight shillings English; 'and he will be credited with the amount paid for him by the state, or by his friends; also with his earnings over and above the cost of the stock which he uses; so that all his earnings over one dollar per week will be his own.
It was said that the actual cost of the Bell plant was only one-twenty-fifth of its capital, and that every four cents of investment had thus become a dollar.
The application should be used for apportioning common costs and billing actual costs for various services provided by 3rd party vendors or by specific Agencies.
The harm caused by this practice is that the military and Congress have no way of knowing what the actual cost of a proposed program will be.
They reveal that Emirati households pay nearly 86 percent less than the actual cost, and expatriates nearly 50 percent less.
But the actual cost of providing that water and electricity is Dh3,920.
3 billion: new reporting programs; actual cost growth; and growth in cost estimates.
The story begins in 1995 with the finance minister of the time, Paul Martin who ended the Canada Assistance Plan, a program that required the federal government to share the actual costs of welfare.
GAO (1) compared estimated and actual costs for recently completed courthouse projects and determined what information GSA provided to Congress on changes to proposed courthouse projects, (2) identified factors that contributed to differences between the estimated and actual costs of seven projects selected for detailed review, and (3) identified strategies that were used to help control the costs of the seven selected projects.
Also available to the group is the cost report, which identifies by specific patient actual costs during the same time period.
The change does not affect people who are self-employed, who can continue to claim relief on the actual costs of running a car.
Shares acquired due to reinvestment are added to the short-term category at actual cost.