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Since Claria's GAIN ad-supported software provides high consumer value and requires user permission and consent, these applications clearly do not pose any malicious threat.
McAfee's actions will help us educate the public that our products are not a threat and dispel any remaining inaccuracies about GAIN ad-supported software.
Radiate, the leading provider of ad-supported software, today announced a new addition to its management team.
About The Gator Corporation: Founded in 1998, The Gator Corporation (Redwood City, CA) is a behavioral marketing company that works with software developers to create ad-supported software.
Radiate, the leading provider of ad-supported software products in the world, today announced that Connectix, the leader in low cost, high-performance compatibility software, has joined the Radiate network of quality free software products.
Radiate, formerly known as Aureate Media, operates the largest network of ad-supported software applications in the world and represents a powerful, unique element of CMGI's stable of Internet advertising companies.
Consumers' concern for protecting their rights was articulated by responding to an "instant survey" of users of Gator ad-supported software.