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Detecting divergent sites among related individuals and taxa can shed light on the process of adaptive divergence, from non-random mating to the establishment of reproductive barriers.
Although diversity evolves at both higher and lower levels in the hierarchy of life, the adaptive divergence of reproductively isolated populations to form new species is fundamentally important because this process can set groups of organisms onto independent evolutionary trajectories from which they can no longer influence each other directly through mating and recombination.
The adaptive divergence during the initial phase may or may not be involved with genetic differentiation, depending on the relative strength of selection and the gene flow from the core habitat (reviewed in Sanford and Kelly (2011)).
Nonetheless, many snakes are so similar on their morphological patterns that it becomes really difficult to distinguish any adaptive divergence that may exist.
Reproductive isolation as a consequence of adaptive divergence in Drosophila pseudoobscura.
Character displacement and the adaptive divergence of finches on islands and continents.
Specifically the applicant will test: if 1) newly formed species differ in the distributions of epigenetic marks across the genome, 2) genomic variants linked to phenotypic divergence among species are in genomic regions unusually high in DNA methylation, as expected under a hypothesis of epigenetic differences preceding fixed nucleotide differences during adaptive divergence, 3) genomic regions diverging in patterns of methylation among incipient species are also exhibiting high levels of methylation in populations of Astatotilapia calliptera, the ancestral, colonizing species.
1985) suggested that the lake-stream pairs on Graham Island had evolved independently by parallel adaptive divergence in the two-drainage systems.
Adaptive divergence of trophic phenotype among freshwater populations of the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus).
This project therefore aims to investigate the major evolutionary forces in the adaptive divergence of fungi as model eukaryotes with small genomes by the integration of high-throughput sequencing and innovative approaches.
256), he noted that the sterility or inviability of hybrids can result from adaptive divergence alone.
To avoid perpetuating this confusion, the term "adaptive divergence" will be used in the remainder of this note to refer to those uses of "allopattic" by Rice and Hostert that clearly relate to the adaptive divergence mechanism and not to genetic transilience.
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