adaptive streaming

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adaptive streaming

A multimedia transmission technology that adapts to the changing bandwidth of the network and available CPU cycles in the receiving device. It employs video content that is encoded at high, medium and low bit rates with each stream broken into small segments. In order to maintain continuous viewing without momentary periods of no video, as conditions change, adaptive streaming switches to segments with a higher or lower encoding level.

Adaptive streaming generally starts out at the highest bit rate and its primary function is to ensure there is a sufficient number of video frames in the receiving device at all times. If the video buffer is near empty for too long, it switches to a lower bit rate, and if it fills up again quickly, it can return to a higher rate. See buffering.

Over HTTP (Via Port Number 80)
Adaptive streaming uses HTTP as the application protocol, primarily because HTTP requests, which use the #80 port identification, are accepted by all Web servers. See streaming, streaming server and streaming protocols.

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AMP for adaptive streaming helps providers to more effectively monetize their high-value content.
Key 3GPP-standardized features of QTI s LTE Broadcast solution include File Delivery Over Unidirectional Transport (FLUTE), Dynamic Adaptive Streaming of HTTP (DASH), Application level FEC, and file delivery with file repair.
This project was great as we could deploy all our competencies to deliver Widevine DRM and adaptive streaming for VOD and Live.
2 with Apple iPhone Support - ViewCast's powerful streaming media management software now supports HTTP-based adaptive streaming to Apple iPhone mobile devices.
Can the benefits of system scalability and adaptive streaming be combined to create new systems that can increase the performance of video-on-demand (VoD) systems?
The company has expanded its ecosystem with the addition of support for the new BlackBerry 10 platform and an implementation of adaptive streaming of premium mobile video for BlackBerry 10 smartphone to use the Microsoft PlayReady DRM solution.
UltraFlix boasts HDR, Adaptive Streaming, New CDN and Movie Purchases
ProMedia Origin leverages industry-standard adaptive streaming protocols that deliver media to a broad range of set-top boxes and multiscreen clients.
The specification meets modern entertainment requirements with features to simplify the synchronization of audio and video, to take into account adaptive streaming, complex audio sets, and a very rich support for metadata.
A diverse group of technology leaders today announced the creation of the DASH Promoters Group, a new organization dedicated to driving the broad adoption of MPEG's DASH (dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP) standard, which was ratified in November 2011.
Fifteen years of best-in-class video quality and innovation in compression are built into the ViBE VS7000, which combines support for all major audio and video codecs, the latest adaptive streaming formats, and a video operating system running on resilient IT platforms for native redundancy and scalability.
LOS ANGELES -- upLynk, a video streaming technology provider, today emerged from stealth mode and announced the release of its HD Adaptive Streaming Platform.

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