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A subset of APT.

[Sammet 1969, p. 606].


To make suitable for a particular purpose or new requirements or conditions, by means of modifications or changes.
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asked Errors Number of test cases Motiv 1 22% 10% 260 Motiv 2 22% 15% 357 Habits 1 22% 15% 260 Habits 2 21% 13% 357 Teaching 1 21% 13% 260 Teaching 2 24% 15% 357 Effects 1 22% 14% 260 Effects 2 23% 14% 357 Motprof 21% 15% 498 Table 2 The Adaptivity of EDUFORM in Real Use Total number of Questionnaire Allowed prediction Questions answered cases Motiv 11% 64% 66 Habits 35% 82% 66 Teaching 20% 61% 66 Effects 17% 68% 66 Motprof 26% 61% 478
Bearing the 2d test with adaptivity in mind, which gave very good results, this approach will be applied also to the 3d case.
The basic requirements of such a tool are as follows: to make the authoring a structured process; to keep this process as simple as possible and not to require from the authors to think explicitly about adaptivity and various content presentations.
For example, InterBook (Brusilovsky, Schwar, & Weber, 1996) supports adaptivity and authoring, but all adaptation and page generation takes place at the central server, risking access delays.
Work Role Performance: Work role performance is measured using the Griffin, Neal & Parker' scale (2007) which includes three sub-dimensions of work role performance--proficiency, adaptivity, and proactivity at the individual, team and organization levels.
Both the inconsistency of these approaches and the inadequacy of classical notions to address changing economic conditions during the Depression of the 1930s undermined the continued relevance of legal classicism and contributed to the evolutionary force of adaptivity in the Supreme Court's constitutional jurisprudence of economic liberty.
Afghanistan's kaleidoscopic physical and human landscapes," he argues, "heightened the importance of adaptivity and further reduced the value of doctrine.
The basic idea behind the adaptivity algorithms is that, at each time step, the program compares the solution of pressure at the current time step with the previous time step solution.
Desired properties of adaptivity are achieved by suppressing an influence of old data to new parameter estimates by incorporating of finite data horizon technique.
Today's production faces various challenges: One of the most important aspects is to increase adaptivity and flexibility of production.
Ontologies and adaptivity in dialogue for question answering.
Connecting bearing components enables the functions of adaptivity and controllability in such systems.