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To learn more about the Addendum Dental/Optical Benefits Plan and view sample employee and employer enrollment forms, visit Addendum Benefits at http://www.
To address this issue, DK has added detailed Addendums to many of its Teacher's Guides, so the software will be usable in both special education and regular classrooms.
Any modification to this procurement effort shall be made by addendum issued by the State Division of Purchasing.
The compromise, reflected in an addendum added to the project's request for proposal, is the result of a recent decision by the San Diego County Water Authority board of directors not to slap the Twin Oaks Water Treatment Plant with a union-only labor agreement.
The addendum, which was later reiterated by Sprint in a memo to all employees, also specified that Sprint was to ensure that customers understood their options with respect to their current lease, including that Sprint would continue to provide maintenance for the duration of the lease agreement provided the brand was still supported, and that any new lease options through Sprint would apply only after the TelImagine lease expired or was terminated.
Notwithstanding the indemnity provision, which shall remain in full force and effect, the Addendum provides that Geotec will establish and accumulate a reserve fund in the amount of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) (the "Reserve Fund") for the purpose of paying and satisfying existing liabilities of CRG.
10 with Home Innovation Research Labs, a subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders, to auto-populate AI's Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum with information from the Home Innovation database.
Lexington Asset Management started the Crime Free Lease Addendum program at Copper Creek Crossings last year in an effort to keep illegal activities off the property.
The Appraisal Institute issued the form as an optional addendum to Fannie Mac Form 1004, the appraisal industry's most widely used form for mortgage lending purposes.
But a water board majority ruled an addendum referencing the issue was adequate because the amended water tables still allowed enough water for the project.
It was decided all parties could accomplish their objectives by writing a brief addendum to the COSO report.
The mid-year version of the Addendum contains operating and financial data for 129 Fitch-rated public power issuers including retail and wholesale utility systems, and rural electric cooperatives.