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Adding fuel to the fire is a marketing strategy that targets the books not only at young black and Latino men, but also at young men who are incarcerated.
Some retailers are concerned about languishing sales and pressures, with Wal-Mart's takeover of the Asda supermarket chain adding fuel to the fire.
Later adding fuel to the fire were the cries of rebellious '60s youth in the progressive-rock era - like ``Never trust anyone over 30'' (Jerry Rubin) and ``Hope I die before I get old'' (Pete Townshend).
Should WTW begin to rally higher, short sellers may be forced to cover their bearish positions, adding fuel to the fire.
Adding fuel to the fire, Callum then sneaks in to hassle Kylie, and a furious Gail chases him out of the house.
Siraj further said that statements issued by the federal ministers against opposition parties were tantamount to adding fuel to the fire and the central government should show some flexibility in its behaviour.
Adding fuel to the fire were new regulations proposed by exchange watchdogs in the US and Europe designed to protect stock indices from precipitous falls like that witnessed in the US on May 6.
Adding fuel to the fire we hear that Schwarzenegger is set to present Cameron with a treasured award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.
Staying quiet, not adding fuel to the fire, not giving the ex any ammunition to use against me, personally, publicly or legally in court has been a major factor but the real power for any parent is understanding our ex- partners' behaviour," he added.
Both Robyn and Leanne have been suffering and struggling with their voices and that is just adding fuel to the fire.