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Adding insult to injury, the court settled the conflict at the original value of BRGM's almost 25% shareholding.
Adding insult to injury, Contadina dumps more than 1,000 mg.
Adding insult to injury, insects dining on these crops may even go ahead and assimilate the plant's defense for their own use in detoxifying insecticides --both natural and synthetic.
Adding insult to injury, the 40 mark is also the site of peak call open interest in the October and November series, laying the foundation of options-related resistance.
Adding insult to injury, even though Proposition 89 bars businesses from contributing to ballot campaigns, it requires them to bear the cost of the ``clean money'' system with an increase in the corporate income-tax rate.
TONY BLAIR'S letter to a grieving mother is a classic case of adding insult to injury.
Then, adding insult to injury, the council passed the measure unanimously, proving once again that all members actually represent City Hall's interests -- not their constituents'.
Adding insult to injury was the defence claim that she was under the influence of drink - a smear that was thrown out by the magistrate after hearing she was completely sober.
Adding insult to injury, while this backroom budget deal between Schwarzenegger and leaders at UC and CSU leaves these students and their taxpaying parents out in the cold, the administrators who cut the deal made certain their fellow college administrators received raises between $78,000 and $111,000.