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Down-regulation of bovine NANOG during adipocyte differentiation for 26 days
They found that the risk version activated a major control region in adipocyte progenitor cells, which turned on two distant genes, IRX3 and IRX5.
With regard to visceral adipocyte size, in women, omental adipocytes are 20%-30% smaller than abdominal subcutaneous adipocytes over a broad range of obesity levels (Fig.
Thus, it seems likely that the anti-obesity effects of the hops may be partly due to stimulation of the excretion of water from the body and a reduction in the accumulation of lipids in adipocytes through inhibition of PPAR[gamma] expression.
However, the origin of these special brown adipocytes has remained a matter of debate.
Obesogens" are chemicals that promote obesity directly by increasing adipocyte size and/or number, or indirectly by altering metabolic set points or interfering with the regulation of appetite and satiety.
To investigate the expression of adipocyte marker in the level of mRNA, RT-PCR was carried out (Figure 4).
In addition to nutrient storage and their effect on body shape, fat cells or adipocytes provide an important cushioning role for visceral organs and the eyeball.
An altered milieu of endocrine or paracrine hormones in the setting of HIV infection or its treatment may also contribute to adipocyte dysfunction.
Until recently, adipocytes were considered a passive tissue of fat storage.
Hormonal control of adipocyte differentiation and adipocyte gene expression", Recent prog.