administration, public

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administration, public:

see administrative lawadministrative law,
law governing the powers and processes of administrative agencies. The term is sometimes used also of law (i.e., rules, regulations) developed by agencies in the course of their operation.
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The company's services include water and wastewater system optimization; contract O&M of water, wastewater and other utilities; and complete municipal operations, including administration, public works and community development.
Certificate programs are offered in such diverse areas as urban executive management, health care administration, municipal and county administration, public sector financial management, and transportation policy and planning.
These lists should include the district attorney, hospital administration, public service management (gas, electric, water, etc.
Politzer, MS, ScD, is Associate Director, Primary Care Policy; Jerry Anderson, JD, is an attorney, Division of Quality Assurance; and Fitzhugh Mullan, MD, is a Director, all in the Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources and Services Administration, Public Health Service, Department of Health and Human Services, Rockville, Md.
The new section will accommodate expansions of the arrivals, administration, public waiting and customs areas, as well as the installation of a new baggage handling system.
Sectors : Sub-national government administration, Public administration- Other social services, Public administration- Water, sanitation and flood protection, General education sector, Health
and speech pathology, Economics and Finance, Human Resource Management, Public Administration, Public Policy, Public Administration and Public policy analysis and Special Education.
They were for vocational service, community service, club administration, public relations and rotary image and the district governor's citation.
Sections on India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan stick to a common format, with chapters on the history and context of public administration, public policy processes and citizen participation, and intergovernmental relations, in addition to public service ethics, freedom of information, administrative reforms, the civil service system, e-government, and public agency initiatives for social development.
General Services Administration, Public Affairs, +1-202-501-1231
It will accommodate an expansion of the arrivals, administration, public waiting and customs areas, as well as the installation of a new baggage handler.

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