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The West Central Alabama Easter Seal Rehabilitation Center and the Selma City School System Adult Education Program have coordinated efforts to provide a competency-based instructional program which provides basic skills of reading, writing, computing, listening, speaking, reasoning, and problem solving.
Role of Internet and Electronic Media in Adult Education
Grade 12 pupils in the science stream at public schools and adult education centres, as well as those who are home schooled, will attend exams from November 28 to December 12.
With nearly 40 million Americans lacking a high school credential, National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week is a time to remind the country of the important role that adult education plays in economic development.
Perhaps a revival of something like the old Workers' Educational Association (WEA) could give adult education locally a new sense of purpose.
Depressingly, more than a million adults have 'disappeared' from adult education courses in the past two years.
More than 10,000 people signed up for adult education classes in Coventry last year.
Among them are Bartley Green and Baverstock adult education centres, Quinborne in Quinton, Shenley Court Community Centre, in Northfield, and Weoley Castle Learning Centre.
The adult education division hopes to eventually align the program with Pierce College, so Grant students would be able to earn Advanced Placement credit in landscaping or horticulture, officials said.
The adult education unit is also offering a British sign language course for the family.
This is the first time we have held a fun day for adult education week,'' said a spokesman for Cardiff council ``The idea behind it is that we want give more people the opportunity to enjoy adult education classes.
Department of Education Office of Vocational and Adult Education focuses on "Community Partnerships for Adult Learning.

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