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Two upper-class adulterous couples rendezvous in a dark room where the painting hangs.
And suddenly, I am beginning to understand a little more of Jesus's love for the lepers, ostracized by society as Aids victims are today, and for the adulterous woman, the rich young man and the hardworking fishermen.
DREAMY writer Laura kills herself at 25 by driving over a bridge and her only novel - a scandalous tale of adulterous passion - is published posthumously.
Her solicitor Keith Schilling told a judge in London that a story in the Sun in March "meant and was understood to mean Ms Kidman had had an adulterous affair with Jude Law, who was then married with young children".
Adulterous behaviour was the main reason for divorce in 27% of all cases last year, according to a survey of UK matrimonial lawyers.
Her adulterous husband and mildly unpleasant daughter hardly made for a lot to come home to.
The Federation Internationale de Football Associations, the world soccer body, had hoped that subjecting the game to American sports culture--hooligan free, co-ed, and saturated with commodity values--would defuse its class consciousness, and would exorcise the male aggressivity of fans whose "love" of a team functions like adulterous devotion to a mistress until late in life.
I'd have thought that a decade of trysts and adulterous leg-overs with Charles would be massively more draining than blue-chip travel to the Antipodes.
The Supreme Court had referred the case to larger bench after observing that an adulterous relationship may become matrimonial by consent.
00pm) The CSIs investigate the kidnapping of a 10-monthold girl and think they have found a suspect when it revealed the child was conceived as the result of an adulterous affair.
There's cantankerous bully Maurice and his put-upon wife Rita, an adulterous vicar and his alcoholic wife, lusty divorcee Avril, and widower Dennis who has come away with his wife (in an urn).
They play an adulterous couple whose one-off fling turns into a nightmare when, during their time together, he's beaten up and she's raped.