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Although advecting black holes don't emit much radiation, their feeble spectra do match the overall intensity pattern of the background radiation.
During these periods, anticyclonic conditions are also common, advecting polluted air from continental Europe into the southeast of the United Kingdom and adding to London's local pollution emissions.
The final days of 2012 saw an active Tropical Convergence belt close to our northern borders coupled with an ability to tap some of this airmass and advecting into and across northern and central Namibia.
It also provides a reservoir of moist air from which adjacent advecting airflows can tap and bring such moisture further south.
The further outlook maintains a generally northwest bias throughout the week, while active synoptics far to the south see recurrent ridges reappearing and advecting their lower level moisture into the sub continent.
Rain is not expected except, by Tuesday, when a weak trough forms from the north, advecting some moisture from western Zambia but its influence will remain contained over the Caprivi and Botswana.
At home, we have witnessed a southward advance of the Torrid Zone, advecting tropical Congo air into our northern skies.
As one might have seen, some cloud developments were restricted, while others thrust into and through this layer, but at the same time the airflow was advecting moist air from its adjacent Congo or semi-Congo air.
Here the pressure patterns exert an influence: anticyclonic cores dominate the 35 to 40oS latitudes, rounding the land mass and advecting a good depth of moist air inland and toward the heat-low pressure belt developing daily across the mid-continent.
From Wednesday onward, this system slipped to the east, advecting moist air on its western side bringing some relief to the very hot conditions experienced across the north.
The anticyclone slid past the Cape, stagnated to the east, advecting colder, moist air into the central continent.