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Shloer has also become well attuned to consumer adventurousness and, following the success of its Rose variety two years ago which, it says, "demonstrates that consumers have an unquenchable thirst for innovative new flavours", it launched limited edition Shloer Summer Fruit Punch launched in April, and Shloer Berry Punch, which has made its debut for the festive season.
Tablet contributing editor Rachel Shukert, for example, describes, in Everything Is Going To Be Great: An Underfunded, Overexposed European Grand Tour (Harper Perennial, July), a European sojourn motivated less by any specific problems she faced in Americathough, to be fair, Shukert did grow up Jewish in Omaha, Nebraska, which is nobody's idea of a rollicking good timethan by a general spirit of post-college adventurousness, and, more concretely, by a "non-paying, non-speaking" role in a traveling theater production.
When he brings the San Francisco Symphony to the Kennedy Center here Wednesday, the AoradicalAo piece on the program is his own adaptation of LisztAAEs AoTasso, Lament and TriumphAo, in which he augments the orchestration (not actually by Liszt) in ways he feels are in keeping with the adventurousness of LisztAAEs other works.
We need more risk and more adventurousness, not less.
Perhaps the problem is that Foster's compositions and choice of viewpoint have yet to catch up with the adventurousness of his palette.
They share the words of women from the study, who describe having sex for reasons of pleasure, love, the thrill of conquest, jealousy, a sense of duty, sexual adventurousness, to get something, health, for self-esteem, and deceptive, abusive, or negative reasons.
But I showed it to them nonetheless; and Laura Harris, my publisher, Christine Alesich and Dmetri Kakmi, my editors, and the whole wonderful Penguin team have my eternal gratitude, for their enthusiasm, nurturing support, and sheer artistic adventurousness.
The work of Atholl Anderson is certainly not unfamiliar to anyone who regularly reads Archaeology in Oceania, but this volume demonstrates with ease how the energy, vision, knowledge, and adventurousness of one person can influence the paths of many.
Drawing on the willingness to relocate and personality literatures, these factors include manager adventurousness and perceived importance of destination country.
A spokesman for the researchers told the Daily Mail: "Second-born children showed increases in traits like adventurousness and independence across adolescence, whereas in firstborns, these traits did not change much over time.
Getting the clientele to match their spirit of adventurousness wasn't plain sailing for the river-view restaurant.