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People at cinemas are objected to all other kinds of adverts - many people are teetotal, yet there are hundreds of adverts for alcohol and many people who can't drive are subjected to endless car commercials.
NOTHING quite impresses the viewing public like a festive advert, with efforts in recent years ranging from CGI penguins to reenactments of the First World War.
This week viewers will be able to catch a first glimpse of the world's most relaxing two-minute TV advert, which will be airing across a number of Sky channels in the UK.
I don't think adverts should be banned but their frequency moderated.
Thousands vented their anger on Twitter yesterday, saying the relentless adverts starring Steven Gerrard, Daniel Sturridge and Joe Hart served as an unwanted reminder of their failure in the competition.
At the time, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the adverts were misleading and upheld complaints which had been made.
According to BBC, Facebook will now decide where adverts will appear on its site following instances of many companies withdrawing their advertising after complaints about the adverts being placed on pages having offensive content.
Classic Movies channel after 9pm, but Turner mistakenly allocated the adverts to the children's channels instead.
In Bahrain, people complain several times about adverts and instead of the municipality listening to them, they are being told that the adverts are international and can't be removed since other countries didn't do so,' he added.
AN advert which has been banned from being broadcast on TV has been viewed by thousands of people across the North East.
A TEESSIDE student is set to appear on TV screens across the country after landing a role in the new John Lewis advert.
SN: Would you say that Metcalfe, The Namibian and Paragon Investments had the 'guts' to place such an advert, because very few people had spoken out against more subtle sexist adverts before?