aerospace medicine

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aerospace medicine:

see aviation medicineaviation medicine,
scientific study of the biological effects of aviation, especially on human beings. Although aviation medicine is concerned with such problems as the spread of diseases by persons traveling by air and the harmful effects of noise and air pollution, its
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; space medicinespace medicine,
study of the medical and biological effects of space travel on living organisms. The principal aim is to discover how well and for how long humans can withstand the extreme conditions encountered in space, as well as how well they can readapt to the earth's
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aerospace medicine

[¦e·rō¦spās ′med·ə·sin]
The branch of medicine dealing with the effects of flight in the atmosphere or space upon the human body and with the prevention or cure of physiological or psychological malfunctions arising from these effects. Also known as aeromedicine; aviation medicine.
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We also thank the current and former Entomology staff from the US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine.
Fajardo); US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, USA (S.
Please address correspondence and reprint requests to: Danmin Miao, Department of Psychology, School of Aerospace Medicine, Fourth Military Medical University, Chang Le Western Street, No 17, Xi'an Shaanxi, CO.
Meanwhile, a 2004 study published by the FAA's Office of Aerospace Medicine looked at in-flight medical incapacitation of U.
To illustrate, analysis showed aerospace medicine clinics operated below enrollment capacity because of inadequate controls over patient enrollments and appointment scheduling.
Zwart, Vickie Kloeris (all National Aeronautics and Space Administration-Johnson Space Center, Texas) and Martina Heer (Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Cologne, Germany) review what has been learned about human nutrition in space during the initial decades of space flight, and identify areas that could be better known before the next stages of exploration--just in case astronauts get to Mars before McDonald's does.
For instance, owing to the tireless efforts of the Service, the aerospace medicine function achieved the imprimatur of the American Medical Association as a distinct medical specialty, thus recognizing the unique and vital contributions of aerospace medicine professionals to the broader medical community.
Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, Air Force Institute for Operational Health, and the 311th Performance Enhancement Directorate.
The center is sponsored by the FAA's Office of Aerospace Medicine.
FRCP retired consultant physician, Llandudno Hospital' Dr Samad Khattak retired consultant in aerospace medicine, Riyadh, and former registrar in medicine, Llandudno Hospital.
is commander of the Expeditionary Medical Group Theater Hospital in Balad, Iraq, and she is the only African-American female who has done a residency in aerospace medicine in the Air Force.

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