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jesus' modeling of servanthood may have direct benefits for marital satisfaction, cohesion, agreement, and affectional expression for both husbands and wives in the current study.
This calls for focusing on associational, affectional, and structural solidarity.
The DAS is comprised of four subscales: Dyadic Consensus, Dyadic Satisfaction, Affectional Expression and Dyadic Cohesion.
Its aim is to incite a rapport with its audience that will help further to disseminate both the poet's and the reader's affectional presence in the world.
What are all but suppressed in this contrived hysteria are the affectional relationships between older and younger gays and lesbians that are a potentially valuable site for the encouragement of queerer experiences of sexuality.
pose the following tenets: (a) attachment is likely because pets need to be cared for and nurtured and that makes owners feel needed, (b) attachment is based on family member status and shared affection in companionship, (c) the affectional tie between owner and pet endure over time, and (d) attachment occurs because of close proximity to animals.
Ellen DeGeneres provided the voice of Dory, the memory-impaired blue tang in Nemo, but the fish's affectional orientation wasn't mentioned.
Nonetheless, against most of the evidence and all the common sense, Bailey continues to maintain the rejected theory that one's identity and one's affectional preference line up the way the VFW guys think they should.
Often these messages use racial, gender, age, or affectional orientation labels when they aren't relevant; "the gay athlete" or "the woman architect" imply that being both gay and an athlete or both female and an architect is unusual and so is deserving of special note.
Steele, "Gracious Affections" and "True Virtue" according to Jonathan Edwards and John Wesley (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1994) for extensive treatments of Wesley's affectional psychology
Put simply, when humans share an emotional experience, they experience in common the judgment, project, and affectional energy constituting that emotion.
It may assist the legal professionals in their consultations and decisionmaking if they gain an understanding of the precise social science meaning of affectional and attachment bonds.