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Limited survey for the occurrence of aflatoxins in cereals and poultry feeds from Rabat, Morocco.
Maya Mokdad, project manager at the Lebanese Association for Food Safety, said that aflatoxins fall into a broader family of substances known as mycotoxins, which are produced by mold and fungi that grows on spices post-harvest, prior to processing and distribution.
Exposure to aflatoxins may be a causative factor for child stunting and underweight, neurological impairment, immunosuppression and child mortality, according WHO Expert Group Meeting in July 2005 [13].
Aflatoxin is considered a real threat to the society's health due to its high toxicity.
Recent studies conducted in some regions of the country have revealed contamination of maize with aflatoxins and fumonisins (Kimanya et al.
Authorities sprung into action following the discovery of aflatoxins in milk at farms in the Larnaca and Famagusta districts this week.
Peanuts become tainted with aflatoxins during storage under hot, moist conditions that promote fungal growth.
Warwickshire and Leicestershire County Council's Trading Standards Service is warning that 'Deggi Mirch' chilli powder contains high levels of aflatoxins and could be on sale in the county.
There is evidence that aflatoxins could cause cancer in humans.
Aflatoxins are highly carcinogenic metabolites of molds that may contaminate peanuts and other crops.