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International awareness stretched beyond the Commonwealth, however, and Knirck peppers Afterimage with Statements made by party officials to undergird their positions on a range of issues--from their reliance on technocratic committees to the passing of draconian security measures--with Continental parallels.
Ito eliminated the theory that the afterimage was a manifestation of "retinal bleaching"-when the photoreceptors on the retina become ineffective or fatigued through prolonged exposure to light.
Afterimage GIS is an award winning geospatial information services consultancy.
I blink my eyes to capture the single frame afterimages on my closed eyelids.
Elvis's posthumous movie career, it appears, has evolved from personal appearances to a dizzying array of partial afterimages, echoes, associations, off-hand remarks, and a flea market of souvenir kitsch.
24 Mbps or P/A/S/M mode provide a richly expressive afterimage with overwhelming image quality.
As Bohince writes in "The Peacock," children's "play is serious business," and like a detective, in the volume's title poem she is troubled by what is not known about the children, explaining that "if the wind had been less gutsy / in its unbindings, we'd know them better, / the children // or the afterimage of them.
In an afterimage so fragile that describing it makes it seem hackneyed, the leaking tank weirdly anticipates certain tests she must undergo -- requiring the draining of some amniotic fluid -- while trying to decide what to do about her pregnancy.
She is a regular contributor to Exposure Journal and Afterimage Magazine.
LCD monitors are less likely than CRTs to suffer from pixel burnout, but a static display can cause an afterimage on the screen.
24Mbps or P/A/S/M mode provides richly expressive afterimage with exquisite image quality.